Mahkum Episode 27 English Subtitles – Season 2

Mahkum Episode 27 English Subtitles – Season 2

Series : Mahkum English Subtitles Season 1 High Quality

Season : 2

Episode : 27

Views : 69

Quality : HD 1080p

Duration : 95 minutes

Language : Turkish

Mahkum Episode 27 English Subtitles

Episode Summary

  • Baris, who performs an action contrary to what everyone expects, leaves all the jewels that Büge will spend for the treatment of children in her lap. Büge, who is left with the bomb in her hand, is in great indecision. If he used these stolen jewels, he would become guilty and betray Fırat, otherwise, the lives of the children would be in danger. While all this is going on, Barış’s plan is different. This action is actually a test of confidence for Büge. Will Büge deserve to go down the path of Barış?
  • Fırat, who begins to clear all his doubts, takes Dadaloğlu, whom he sees as Barış’s biggest supporter, into custody. All he cares about is finding out where Barış and his army of prisoners are hiding. While questioning Dadaloğlu on the one hand, he also goes after Fukara, who is outside. Will Fırat be able to find and decipher the hiding place of Barış and the prisoners?

Mahkum Last Episode Summary

  • After the last incident, Fırat once again sees the danger dimension of the organization created by Barış. These sick souls need to be caught as soon as possible before they become more influential in society. While trying to restrain his anger, he also starts to reason with his teammates. What kind of message does the peace seek to give to people?
  • Believing that he taught Fırat the lesson he wanted with his actions, Barış starts to deal with the confusion in the prisoner army on the other hand. Small cracks appear in this order of absolute obedience. As he manages his own inner turmoil, he begins to plan his next action. This action, which he will present to both Büge and other people, is soon caught on Fırat’s radar.
  • Fırat, who has solved the connection of the prisoners with the above, turns the arrows towards Dadaloğlu. While trying to destroy this contrary order, will he be able to win this war before his illness progresses?

mahkum Episode 27

  • mahkum series is also preparing to make the season finale. The series, which was broadcast on Fox TV, has attracted great attention since the day it was the first broadcast. Those who watch the series, which came to the screen with a quick exit, follow the series with excitement every week with high Episodes.
  • Especially İsmail Hacıoğlu’s acting comes to the fore in the series signed by MF Yapım. Hacıoğlu, who plays the leading role with Onur Tuna, is the prominent name of the series. Seray Kaya, one of the leading roles, had recently left the series.
  • mahkum 2 sezon Adapted from the TV series “Innocent Defendant”, the series managed to become one of the most remarkable series of the season with its cast, script and director. A new character was added to the story a while ago to increase the excitement in the series.
  • Bringing together successful actors such as Onur Tuna, İsmail Hacıoğlu, Melike İpek Yalova and Hayal Köseoğlu, the series made the season finale. There is a separation in the season finale of the series directed by A. Volkan Kocatürk.
  • The story of the master actor Talat Bulut, who was the guest of the prisoner series with the character of Signor for ten Episodes, comes to an end. While Barış, one of the main characters of the series, created controversy in every Episode with his psychopathy, the character of Signor emerged and brought psychopathy to a different point with what he did to Barış and Fırat.
  • Talat Bulut, who appeared as a popular character after the Yasak Elma TV series, also left his mark on the series where he was a guest actor. The master actor will not be in the series in the new season.

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  • Firat (Onur Tuna) is a profitable prosecutor and the pinnacle of the violent crimes investigative division. He’s intelligent, cussed, courageous and fearless. He by no means loses a case.
  • Firat has a modest life collectively together with his spouse and his daughter. Though he doesn’t earn a lot, he’s happy together with his job and he has a contented marriage. Firat’s modest life turns the other way up when he takes a homicide case of Savas.Savas (Ismail Hacioglu) is the inheritor of a Yesari household. He’s impartial and irresponsible. He suffers from psychological issues as a result of lovelessness of his father. He is aware of that his father considers him as a dishonor to the household.
  • Savas has an similar twin brother Baris (Ismail Hacioglu) who’s the longer term proprietor of the household enterprise. Not like his brother, Baris is accountable, cautious, and obedient to his father.
  • Savas can’t handle to manage his anger and can’t get by his psychological issues. He has obtained in hassle for a few occasions. He can’t stand the truth that his brother is ideal in all phrases.
  • One in all these moments of disappointment, Savas kills a girl at his residence and escapes from the police. He thinks that he can eliminate this example as if he has performed earlier than. Nevertheless, this time, he has to pay the prices of his actions.
  • Whereas hiding at one among his secret homes, Savas comes throughout his twin brother Baris. He understands that he can’t get away from this homicide case simply. Due to this fact, he decides to kill his similar twin brother and take his identification. Thus, he throws his brother away from the balcony in an effort to make it appear to be a suicide. After then, he calls the police, stories the suicide of his brother, and acts as if he’s Baris.

mahkum Episode 27

  • Savas takes his brother’s identification and begins to stay as if he’s Baris. He persuades everybody besides just a few individuals. Buge (Melike Ipek Yalova) who’s the spouse of Baris instantly understands that Savas is appearing as if he’s her husband however she can’t reveal this truth to anyone for the sake of her son.
  • Firat additionally doesn’t imagine that Savas has killed himself. Though he has some emotions that Savas has modified his identification, he can’t show this.
  • Whereas making an attempt to resolve this homicide case, Firat wakes up at some point and finds himself a convict on a dying row. He doesn’t keEp in mind something in regards to the previous 6 months of his life. He has no thought why he has been put in jail.
  • Firat suffers from non permanent amnesia. Whereas he’s in jail, he learns that he’s accused of killing his spouse and his daughter. He can’t imagine that he has performed this to his beloved household.
  • Firat struggles to recuperate his reminiscence and study the reality about his household. He have to show his innocence. Thus, he accepts to rent a younger girl Cemre as her lawyer.
  • Defendant (mahkum) television collection story is a couple of wrestle of a prosecutor Firat who’s accused of killing his household and making an attempt to do his greatest to clear his identify. Will Firat handle to recuperate his reminiscence? Will Firat study what has occurred to his spouse and his daughter? Will Firat clear his identify? Will Savas handle to disguise his identification and stay peacefully as if he’s Baris? Will Savas handle to flee from the police?


  • Hakan Salinmis as Beybaba (Ismet Hamdi Irdal)
  • Nihal Koldas as Tomris Yesari
  • Mehmet Ulay as Zahit Yesari
  • Hakan Karsak as Haci Alagoz
  • Anil Ilter as Tahir Terzi
  • Tugay Mercan as Pasa
  • Muharrem Turkseven as Kamber
  • Bulent Seyran as Yurdaer
  • Furkan Kalabalik as Bekir
  • Burcu Cavrar as Ceyda
  • Murat Sahan as Mucahit
  • Ramiz Mullamusa as Ali Karatas
  • Gulcin Hatihan as Nazan
  • Talat Bulut as Sinyor
  • Emre Ozcan as Rafi
  • Melih Cardak as Yadigar
  • Alya Sude Mazak as Nazli Bulut
  • Ilker Yagiz Uysal as Zahit Can Yesari
  • Alara Bozbey as ZeynEp Bulut
  • Gokhan Tercanli as Zafer
  • Ece Irtem as Ferda Dogu
  • Bulent Duzgunoglu as Erol
  • Gurberk Polat as Eren

mahkum Episode 27 English Subtitles


Firat (Onur Tuna):

  • He’s a profitable prosecutor and head of the violent crimes investigative division. He by no means loses a case. He’s married and has a daughter.

Savas (Ismail Hacioglu):

  • He’s the similar twin of Baris. He’s impartial and irresponsible. He suffers from psychological issues because of lovelessness of his father. His father trusts Baris and considers Savas as a dishonor to the household.
  • When he kills a girl and escapes from the police, he comes throughout his twin brother. After killing his twin brother, he takes his identification and begins to stay as if he’s Baris.

Baris (Ismail Hacioglu):

  • He’s the similar twin of Savas. He’s the longer term proprietor of the household enterprise after his father. He’s accountable, cautious, and obedient to his father. He’s married to Buge and has a son.
  • When his twin brother is accused of being a assassin, he tries to influence him to give up. Nevertheless, his personal brother Savas kills him. After he passes away, Savas takes his identification and begins to stay as if he’s Baris.

Cemre (Seray Kaya):

  • She is a protection lawyer who strives to be eloquent and rational, however loses in court docket each single time. She takes up Firat’s case though it’s a very tough case. She desires to show that she will be able to handle to win a case.

Buge (Melike Ipek Yalova):

  • She is the spouse of Baris and he or she has a son. She used to this point with Savas earlier than she obtained married. Though she liked Savas, she couldn’t belief him. She instantly understands that Savas is appearing as if he’s Baris however she can’t reveal this truth to anyone for the sake of her son.

Sasha (Hayal Koseoglu):

  • She helps Savas and does her greatest to maintain his identification secret.

the prisoner Episode 27 English Subtitles

mahkum Season 2

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