Hayat Bugun Episode 1 English Subtitles

Hayat Bugun Episode 1 English Subtitles

Series : Hayat Bugun English Subtitles – High Quality

Season : 1

Episode : 1

Views : 76

Quality : HD 1080p

Country : Turkey

Language : Turkish

Hayat Bugun Episode 1 English Subtitles

Episode symmary

  • Hisarönü Foundation Hospital, once one of the oldest hospitals in Istanbul, is going through hard times.
  • Barış Güvener, a young and idealistic associate professor, is appointed to Hisarönü as the chief physician in order to restore the hospital to its old days. On Barış’s first day in office; A carbon monoxide leak occurs in the hotel where the Turkic Republics Congress is held, and six poisoned ambassadors are brought to the hospital. Thus, the eyes of the press are turned to Hisarönü Hospital.
  • Two Syrian brothers. Things get out of hand when Habip and Bewar sneak into the hospital and Bewar is quarantined. On the one hand, Barış, who changed all the balances in the hospital with his radical decisions on the one hand, and the dynamic between him and his colleagues, awaits a surprise that he never expected in the final.

Hayat Bugun Episode 1 English Subtitles

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  • The first presentation of the series featuring Ulas Tuna Astepe, Hazar Erguclu, Tansel Ongel, Hande Dogandemir, Mert Denizmen and Serif Erol drew attention. With the promotion of “Hayat Bugun“, which stands out with its staff, especially the new chief physician of the hospital Baris Guvener, “What can I do for you?” The question seems to be talked about a lot.
  • Çiğdem Bozali sits in the director’s chair of “Hayat Bugun”, the first adaptation of “New Amsterdam”, which was both created and produced by David Schulner, while the screenplay is written by Ayca Üzüm and Cansu Çoban.
  • The subject of the ambitious project of the season, ‘Hayat Bugun’, is as follows; Chief Physician Baris Guvener is appointed to Hisarönü Hospital, one of the oldest and most established hospitals in Istanbul. However, Hisaronu, one of the best hospitals of its time, is going through a difficult time. With the arrival of a young and idealistic chief physician, the story of the entire hospital begins to be rewritten. Peace; trying to get the hospital up and running; He will not only struggle with the difficulties in his own life, but also enter into a tough battle for his patients together with his colleagues, whose hearts he won one by one.
  • While the path of impossible loves, precious friendships and touching life stories passes through Hisarönü Hospital; Peace will make us believe again in the power of love, hope and devotion and will open the doors of the hospital to everyone living in Istanbul!
  • Counting the days for the screen journey, “Hayat Bugun” will be on Show TV very soon with its different story and strong names.

Main cast

Hayat Bugun Episode 1 English Subtitles

  • Hazar Ergüçlü as Dr. Suzan Mayer
  • Ulas Tuna Astepe as Dr. Baris Güvener
  • Hande Dogandemir as Dr. Derin Nalbantoglu
  • Tansel Öngel as Aras Erdem
  • Utku Ates as Mert Biçer
  • Serif Erol as Ali Haydar Oruçov
  • Mert Denizmen as Dr. Andac Saglam
  • Olcay Yusufoglu as Gizem Altay Güvener
  • Umay Anadolu as Kaboglu Dr.Azra Sert
  • Ayse Lebriz as Berkem Ebru Soykan



Hazar Erguclu was born in Northern Cyprus in 1992 and she completed her high school education at Yakin Dogu College. During this period, she was engaged in theater studies for youth in the Turkish Municipality of Nicosia. In 2010, she was before the cameras for the first time in a professional manner for the cinema movie named “Golgeler ve Suretler”, directed by Dervis Zaim in 2010 and her character’s name was Ruhsar. During the same period, Hazar Erguclu was accepted to Halic University Conservatory, Department of Theater and she attended there.

  • In 2011, she acted as Simay Candan in the TV series named “Kuzey Guney”, which was directed by Mehmet Ada Oztekin.
  • In 2012, she was on cinema screen for the second time, acting as Sena in the movie named “Acliga Doymak”, which was produced and directed by Zubeyir Sasmaz.
  • She has also acted as the character of Ayla in the movie named “Benim Dunyam”, which was directed by Ugur Yucel in 2013 and she shared the leading roles with Beren Saat, Ugur Yucel and Ayca Bingol.
  • She has also acted as Eylul in the TV series named “Medcezir”, which was directed by Ali Bilgin in 2013. Erguclu became well know with this project where she shared the lead roles with Cagatay Ulusoy, Serenay Sarikaya, Taner Olmez, Baris Falay and Metin Akdulger.
  • In 2015, she acted as Kader in the TV series named “Analar ve Anneler”, which was directed by Mehmet Ada Oztekin.
  • In 2016, she had the lead role in the movie named “Dar Elbise”, which was directed by Hiner Saleem.
  • In summer 2016, she acted as Cansu in the TV series named “Yuksek Sosyete”, which was directed by Feride Kaytan.
  • In 2017, she has the lead role acting as Muzeyyen in the movie named “Kar”, which was directed by Emre Erdogdu. With this performance, she was awarded with “Turkan Soray Promising Young Actress” and “Best Actress” titles in 54th National Contest Days. Also, she won the ”Best Actress” award in 18th Frankfurt Turkish Film Festival.
  • She has acted as Seher in the project named “Hayat Sirlari”, which was directed by Gul Oguz and Murat Can Oguz.
  • In January 2018, she acted as Melis in the Internet TV show named “Dudullu Postasi”, which was inspired by the cartoons of Serkan Yilmaz and directed by Onur Unlu.
  • She has shared the lead role in cinema movies named “Mahalle”, which was directed and also acted by Bugra Gulsoy and Serhat Teoman in March 2018.
  • She performed in Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s movie ”The Wild Pear Tree” in 2018.
  • Recently, her last movie ”Her Sey Seninle Guzel” which is directed by Cem Karci was featured on cinema.
  • In December, her last Tv Series ”Protector” will be aired in Netflix. It is directed by Can Evrenol, Umut Aral and Gonenc Uyanik, and she shares the leading roles with Cagatay Ulusoy, Yurdaer Okur and Ayca Aysin Turan.

Hande Dogandemir

Hayat Bugun Hande Dogandemir

  • Hande Dogandemir (born 22 November 1985) is a Turkish actress, TV host and sociologist. She is best known for her role as Zeynep Yilmaz Sayer on Kanal D series Günesi Beklerken.
  • Dogandemir, is also known for her roles as “Sans” in the surreal comedy show Leyla ile Mecnun and Elem in Subat.
  • She graduated from Ankara University, Department of Sociology. In her senior year in university, she went to Lille, France with Erasmus programme. She speaks French and English fluently. Dogandemir began in production for communication sociology. She simultaneously worked as an actress, editor and host. She came to attention for her Browni Intense commercial with Nejat Isler.
  • Dogandemir is set to star in ‘Bana Masal Anlatma’, a film directed and written by Burak Aksak. The film will be released in 2015. Also it has been announced that she will star in an upcoming series, which has yet to be titled.

Ulas Tuna Astepe

Hayat Bugun Ulas Tuna Astepe

  • Ulas Tuna Astepe, who was born in Izmit, studied at the middle school there. Having completed his high school education at Istanbul, he graduated from Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory Theater Department.
  • In 2008, he made a costume assistant in the film of the Ottoman Republic. Then he started to take part in theater and television projects. Then he portrayed the Orhan character in the Karadayi TV series. He is currently playing the role of ATV’s TV series “Tell Me The Black Sea”.
  • He graduated from the Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory Theater Department. He made his feature film debut in the 2013 film Zayiat.
  • He starred alongside Sinan Tuzcu in the television series Sen Anlat Karadeniz.
  • He was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey.
    In addition to acting, he also worked in the costume and wardrobe department on the 2008 feature film The Ottoman Republic. He was interviewed and featured in the press outlet Milliyet Cadde in January of 2018 as well.
  • He was awarded with Irem Helvacioglu (Sen Anlat Karadeniz (2018), Tahir & Nefes) for The Best Couple Award 45. Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards in 2018.
  • Turkish actor who is most recognized for his recurring role of Tahir Kaleli in the television series Sen Anlat Karadeniz. His first recurring spot on television was in the series Karadayi in 2012.

Tansel Ongel

Hayat Bugun Tansel Ongel

  • Was born on September 24, 1976 in Gaziantep, Turkey. He is an actor, known for Masumlar Apartmani (2020), Payitaht Abdülhamid (2017) and Hayalet: 3 Yasam (2022). He was previously married to Özge Özder.
  • Öngel is the child of an immigrant family. His paternal grandmother was an immigrant from Thessaloniki , while his maternal grandmother is Egyptian, and his grandfather is Lebanese. He was born in Kilis, where his parents worked as teachers, and later grew up in
    nkara.Öngel graduated from the Hacettepe University Ankara State Conservatory in 2000 with a degree in theatre studies. In the same year, he started working for the Turkish State Theatres in Trabzon and later joined the Istanbul State Theatre.
  • He made his television debut in 2004 with the series Uy Başımıza Gelenler, starring alongside Hakan Yılmaz and Başak Köklükaya. He had the leading role in the 2010 series Kılıç Günü, directed by Osman Sınav and Raşit Çelikezer.
  • Öngel further rose to prominence with his portrayal of Alvise Gritti in Muhteşem Yüzyıl for 36 episodes. Between 2012 and 2014, he was among the leading cast of Benim İçin Üzülme, starring alongside Fulya Zenginer, Çağlar Ertuğrul and Öykü Çelik.He later appeared as Mert in the series Yaz’ın Öyküsü, before starring with Nesrin Cavadzade in the movie Son Mektup, which was released in 2015.

Hayat Bugun Episode 1 English Subtitles

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