Gecenin Ucunda Episode 2 English Subtitles HD

Gecenin Ucunda Episode 2 English Subtitles HD

Series : Gecenin Ucunda English Subtitles

Season : 1

Episode : 2

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Quality : HD 1080p

Country : Turkey

Language : Turkish

Gecenin Ucunda Episode 2 english subtitles

At The End of The Night Episode 2

    Episode Summary

    • Growing up in a poor family, Macide was educated in psychology but could not be happy in her business life. The life of Macide, who pursues healing and healing others, will change completely after meeting Işık’s Family. Ahmet (Sarp Levendoğlu), whom he has just met, falls madly in love with her, but Macide is influenced by Kazım (Kadir Doğulu), Ahmet’s older brother, who is known as the smartest and most successful businessman in the country. The biggest obstacle in front of these mutual feelings is that Kazım is married. With the arrival of Macide, nothing will be the same in the Işık Family.
    • Before Macide can get over the shock of being fired by Kazım, she receives another blow with the news from Ankara. His mother was detained in a gambling raid. Kazım’s decision on Macide falls like a bombshell to the Işık Family. While everyone is wondering what Ahmet will do, Ahmet begins to implement his secret plan. On the one hand, while trying to make Macide forgive himself, on the other hand, he prepares the trap that will drop Kazım. When Macide saves Nini from big trouble with her healing hands, she enters the door of the Light Mansion, where she was expelled a week ago, this time as a hero.

    Gecenin Ucunda Episode 2

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    At The End of The Night Episode 2

    • The work, which Peride Celal calls “the most beautiful romance novel I’ve ever written”, tells the impressive story of Macide, who turns her back on love and tries to create a new life for herself and her child and reach a humane world. Thus, Star TV has already signaled that it will enter the new season like a bombshell with Neslihan Atagül’s Night’s End, after OGM Picturea’s King Loses, in which Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ’s name is mentioned.
    • This novel of our esteemed author was first published in 1963 with the name of “Gecenin Ucundaki Işık (Light at the End of the Night)”. As Peride Celal was revising her novel and bringing it to light after all these years, she told us:
    • “The novel came out in 1963. I think I did well to shorten its name. At the time this novel was written, we were young, we had faith, we thought we could reach the light. “Işık” meant freedom, civilization, humanity; it was a hope.
    • For more than forty years, we searched for the light. And he, Today, the high-class bourgeoisie, fake religious people, politicians who care about nothing but their own interests, prey more easily on the young people they have led to bright lives. The heroine of the novel, Macide, is successful in her effort to turn her back on love and create a new life for herself and her child and attain a humane world. Will it be possible? I doubt it. At The End of the Night, it’s also a great romance novel. I should add that too. I also like that it is. In my opinion, this is the best romance novel I’ve ever written.”


    • Neslihan Atagül Doğulu Macide
    • Kadir Dogulu Kazım
    • Sarp Levendoğlu Ahmet
    • Zuhal Olcay Berrin
    • Tuba Ünsal Nermin
    • Özge Özder Sara
    • Bertan Asllani Cihangir
    • Kaan Taşaner Mert
    • Bestemsu Özdemir Serra
    • Levent Özdilek Tunç
    • Ebru Aykaç Şermin
    • Şencan Güleryüz Zafer
    • Aleyna Özgeçen Yasemin
    • Kerim İlhan Can

    Macide – Neslihan Atagül Doğulu

    Gecenin Ucunda Neslihan Atagül Doğulu

    • Neslihan Atagül will give life to a beautiful young girl named Macide in the series. Macide will appear as a human resources specialist in the series , but she will not be very successful in business life.
    • She was born on 20 August 1992 in Istanbul. Neslihan Atagül Dogulu, studied at Yeditepe University Theater Department, took her first stEp in acting with the TV series “Yaprak Dökümü” in 2006. At the same year, she starred with Vahide Gördüm and Cetin Tekindor in her first feature film “Ilk Ask”. She received the “Promising Young Actress Award” at the Golden Boll International Film Festival with her role in this film. She continued acting with the TV series “Hayat Devam Ediyor” in 2011.In 2012, with the feature film “Araf”, written and directed by Yesim Ustaoglu, she won 45th Cinema Writers Association Awards’ ‘Cahide Sonku Best Actress Award’, 25th Tokyo International Film Festival’s ‘Best Actress Award’, International Adana Golden Boll Film Festival’s ‘Türkan Soray Promising Young Actress Award’ and the Moscow 2Morrow Film Festival’s ‘Best Actor of the Present and the Future’.After the final of the series “Fatih Harbiye” in 2014, which was adapted from Peyami Safa’s novel of the same name and shared the leading roles with Kadir Dogulu, she was on Star TV between 2015-2017 with the series “Kara Sevda”, in which she shared the leading role with Burak Özcivit. Neslihan Atagül Dogulu successfully gave life to the character of Bilge in the digital series “Dip”, which was broadcasted on Puhu TV. In 2019, she reunited with her audience again on Star TV with the TV series “Sefirin Kizi”.Since 2020, she continues to work on online magazine ‘hadsiz’ which sheds light on the stories of the uninhibited.

    Kazım – Kadir Doğulu

    Gecenin Ucunda Kadir Doğulu

    • Kazım Işık is a strong big brother who has come to his rich life by scraping with his nails. The wealth of the Işık family is Kazım’s success and ambition. A perfectionist and charismatic businessman. He is married to Nermin, but he is not happy.
    • Abdulkadir Dogulu (born 19 April 1982), better known as Kadir Dogulu, is a Turkish actor.
    • Kadir Dogulu was born on 19 April 1982 in Mersin, Turkey. He worked during his secondary and high school years in many places as a cook and operator. He met Hande Yener through his brother, Kemal Dogulu, who is Yener’s stylist. Soon afterwards, he worked with Hande Yener for a while and appeared in her song’s music video called “Romeo”. Then he began to receive offers of acting. He played as a leading actor in Küçük Sirlar, a Turkish remake of Gossip Girl. He has played in several successful series.
    • Kadir Dogulu married actress Neslihan Atagül on 8 July 2016. The couple had met on the set of Fatih Harbiye in 2013.
    • In 2010, he made his television debut as Ali Erarslan in Küçük Sirlar. Popular Turkish television actor most well known for bringing to life Mehmet Giray Khan in the 2015 historical drama Muhtesem Yüzyil: Kösem. He has previously held leading roles in Fatih Harbiye, Sajan Capsize, and Pis Yedili. He made his first appearance on the silver screen in 2013 when he scored a prominent role in Bir Hikayem Var. In Muhtesem Yüzyil: Kösem, he stars opposite Ekin Koc and Hulya Avsar.

    Ahmet – Sarp Levendoğlu

    Gecenin Ucunda Sarp Levendoğlu

    • The middle one of three sons of Ahmet Berrin in the series Although Ahmet does not have many problems with his older brother Kazım, he does not like his younger brother Cihangir very much. Ahmet received a very good education abroad, but he has some psychological problems. A man who is obsessively in love with Ahmet Macide. A jealous and rich businessman ready to stir the whole world for Macide.
    • Ali Sarp Levendoglu (25 December 1981, Ankara) is a Turkish actor and director.
    • He started acting at the age of six. After graduating from Saint Benoit High School, she studied Visual Communication Design at Istanbul Bilgi University and graduated from the acting department of Istanbul Kultur University.
    • Being the nephew of director Mustafa Altioklar, he made his first acting studies in his projects. He acted in the TV series Lise Lise Defteri, Cinaralti, Emret Komutanim, Zeliha’s Eyes, and in the movies O Simdi Asker and Emret Komtanim Sah Mat.
    • He also directed the TV series Emret Komutanim and Gece Gündüz. He also played the role of Haydar Bozkurt in the Savasci series. He plays Romanian Diogenes in the TV series Alparslan: The Great Seljuk, which started in November 2021.
    • He was playing a role in the Kucuk Aga series, which made the final.

    Berrin – Zuhal Olcay

    Gecenin Ucunda Zuhal Olcay

    • She is the mother of Kazım in the series, a successful businesswoman, is the mother of three boys. Berrin is a very ambitious, cunning woman. Berrin is a master player of chess, where work and family mix.
    • She trained at The State Conservatory in Turkey and worked at The Turkish State Theater until she formed her own theater company in 1999. In 1989 she played “Evita” in the world famous musical. Since then she appeared in many stage productions, made nearly 20 films in Turkey playing the lead and won numerous awards as “best actress” in theater and films. Including “Berlin Golden Band” award for “Farewel To False Paradise” which she filmed in Germany. She performed in many theater plays such as “Othello” (Shakspeare), “The Seagull” (Cehov), “Balcony” (Genet), “Separation” (T. Kempinski). She won Avni Dilligil Theater Special Award in 1986 with “The Seagull” and won Ankara Art Institution Award in 1998 with “Balcony”.
    • Zuhal Olcay, Turkish actress and singer.
    • In 1976 she graduated from the State Conservatory in Ankara. She worked at the State Theatre several years and performed in theatre plays such as Othello, Empty Cradle, I Promise, The Seagull. She won Avni Dilligil Theatre Special Award in 1986 with The Seagull.
    • From 1983, she appeared in various television and cinema productions such as Parmak Damgasi, Gecenin Oteki Yuzu, Atesten Gunler, Amansiz Yol, Dunden Sonra Yarindan Once, Sahte Cennete Veda(Farewell to False Paradise), Medcezir Manzaralari, Gizli Yuz, 80. Adim, Istanbul Kanatlarimin Altinda . She won her first cinema award with Ihtiras Firtinasi in 1984; and her best lead actress award was in 1985 with Amansiz Yol.
    • She won Berlin Golden Band award with her role (Elif) in Farewell to False Paradise which she filmed in Germany.
    • Between 1990 and 1998 she appeared in theatre plays in Tiyatro Stüdyosu of which she was one of the founders. These plays were Betrayal (1990-92), Blood Brothers (1991), Hysteria (1996-97) and Balcony (1998). She formed her on theatre company (Oyun Atolyesi) in 1999, and with the first play of the company (Steven Berkoff’s Kvetch) she won Afife Theatre Award in the category of Best Lead Actress in a Comedy Play. Then she performed in Tom Kempinski’s Separation. Lastly she won Afife Theatre Award again in the category of Best Actress with her role, Nancy in Philippe Blasband’s Nathalie which she performed with Tilbe Saran.
    • Along with her careers in theatre and cinema, Zuhal Olcay started singing professionally after she played Evita in the world famous musical. She acted in Nisan Akman’s cinema production Dunden Sonra Yarindan Once and performed the song of this film which had the same name with the film.
    • Zuhal Olcay won numerous awards with her role Sukran in Tayfun Pirselimoglu’s Hicbiryerde (Innowhereland). She performed the songs in soundtrack of the film which was composed by Cengiz Onural.
    • Zuhal Olcay worked with Mehmet Teoman, Vedat Sakman, Selim Atakan and Bulent Ortacgil in musical area and she released 6 albums. These albums are (Kucuk Bir Oyku Bu – 1990, Iki cift Laf – 1993, Oyuncu – 1996, Ihanet – 1998, Basucu Sarkilari – 2001, Basucu Sarkilari 2 – 2005).

    Nermin – Tuba Ünsal

    Gecenin Ucunda Tuba Ünsal

    • Nermin will appear as Kazım’s wife in the TV series. Nermin’s nickname will be Nini. Nermin is a former beauty queen, however, after marrying Kazım, her life will turn into a nightmare. Nermin will pay for her mistakes.
    • Tuba Ünsal is Turkish actress. She was born in Denizli. Her paternal family is of Turkish descent who immigrated from Greece. Her maternal family is immigrant from Bulgaria (Balkan Turk) and Romania (Tatar). She studied business administration in Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University. Ünsal graduated from the photography and video department of Bilgi University. She began her modelling career by contesting in the 1998 Elite Model look.
    • Tuba Ünsal (born 7 December 1981) is a Turkish actress and model.
    • Tuba Ünsal was born in Denizli on 7 December 1981. Her paternal family is Turkish origin who immigrated from Greece. Her maternal family is immigrant from Bulgaria and Romania. She studied business administration in Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University. Ünsal graduated from the photography and video department of Bilgi University.
    • She began her modelling career by contesting in the 1998 Elite Model look. She was featured in a variety of commercials and advertising campaigns before pursuing a career in acting. Among her notable film roles are Tuba Sernikli in the 2004 comedy-drama Vizontele Tuuba, Özlem in Cool School, ZeynEp Nehir in Plajda, and Sinem in Çakallarla Dans. Ünsal was also cast in the 2008 film A Beautiful Life.
    • Since her debut, she has acted in numerous television series, including Mahallenin Muhtarlari, Ruhsar, Kara Melek, Çarli Is Basinda, Karaoglan, and Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman Ki.

    Sara – Özge Özder

    Gecenin Ucunda Özge Özder

    • Saraya is Macide’s only friend in Istanbul. Saraya is a Jewish woman. Özge Özder, who is very interested in grass and garbage, is known as a healer.

    Cihangir – Bertan Asllani

    • He is the youngest and most spoiled son of Cihangir Berrin in the “Gecenin Ucunda Cast”. Cihangir does not look like his father or his two brothers at all. Cihangir is the spoiled child of his mother. He is afraid only of his brother Kazım in his life. A headstrong young man. Cihangir is a man who will do all kinds of tricks in love and war.

    Mert – Kaan Taşaner

    • Mert is a handsome and successful businessman. Due to financial problems, he sells his company to Kazım Işık and decides to work with Kazım for a certain period of time. The unknown aspects of Mert will shock the audience in the following Episodes. Mert has great revenge to take from the Işık family.

    Serra – Bestemsu Özdemir

    • Serra Işık is the ex-fiancee of Ahmet, the career-oriented middle sister of the Işık family who has just arrived from America. Serra is tired of small prizes and now she is after getting very rich.

    Tunç – Levent Özdilek

    • Tunç in the “Gecenin Ucunda Cast”, is the second husband of Berrin, whom he married after cheating on his wife. He will start working with Kazım Tunç.

    Şermin – Ebru Aykaç

    • Şermin is Macide’s mother. Şermin is an old palace. She pays a lot of attention to her clothes. She dreams of returning to her old rich life through Macide.

    Zafer – Şencan Güleryüz

    • He is a man caught between protecting his family and betraying the person he trusts most in this world.

    Yasemin – Aleyna Özgeçen

    • Yasemin is the dangerous daughter of the Kanbey family in the Gecenin Ucunda cast. Yasemin is a smart girl who plays games bigger than her height.

    Can – Kerim İlhan

    • Can Pekdemir is a young man who wants to remove the pain of love from the whole world, which his family has never seen or seen love.

    What is the series Gecenin Ucunda is all about?

    • ‘Is about Macide, who cannot be happy in her business life and seeks to heal others, is tested with love on her way to find herself, and enters a world she has never seen before.

    When did the series release?

    • It originally released in Turkey on October 5, 2022 and was aired on Star TV.

    Who are the main cast in the series ?

    • The main stars of this series are Neslihan Atagül Doğulu, Kadir Doğulu, Sarp Levendoğlu, Tuba Ünsal and Bertan Asllani.

    What is the English title for the series ?

    • The English title for this Turkish drama is “At The End of The Night”.

    What is the theme of the series ?

    • It is adapted from the boo

    At The End of The Night Episode 2

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