Duy Beni Episode 17 English Subtitles – High Quality

Duy Beni Episode 17 English Subtitles – High Quality

Series : Duy Beni English Subtitles High Quality

Season : 1

Episode : 17

Views : 69

Quality : HD 1080p

Language : Turkish

Duy Beni Episode 17

Hear to Me Episode 17

Episode summary

  • Aziz detains his friends who follow Leyla in the middle of the desert. On the other hand, he is confused about what he has done. Kanat is in trouble to get out of the jail and find Leyla. Halil takes action for his deadly mission. Now a race against time has begun to save Leyla. Settlement of events with minimal damage creates the opportunity for a fresh start for everyone. Clamping with what Leyla went through, the “Sisters” track down other evils that Rıza has mixed up. However, it will not be easy to decipher the contents of the evidence they reach.
  • While Leyla and Suna happily return to their homes, Ekim’s birthday is a breath of fresh air for the young people. But developments are not positive for everyone. Rıza starts a life on the run, finds information about Ozan Ateş that will change the balance, and it turns out that a surprise name has fallen into a terrible trap. While the possibility of losing all of their assets draws brand new future plans for Suna and her children, a surprise figure from Kanat’s past ignites a bomb that will also affect his relationship with Ekim.

Previous Episode Summary

  • While suspicions about Leyla’s disappearance focus on Kanat, Ekim takes his side. They do research together at Kanat’s house and Ekim saves Kanat from a police raid. Meanwhile, they suspect someone very close to Kanat and decides to follow him.
  • During the night when Ekim and Kanat spend time together in the car until the morning, they tell each other things they do not know and romantic moments occur.
  • Derviş goes out to dinner with Neşe and tells her about his dreams. On the other hand, he is secretly preparing to start a fire in the farmhouse. It is thought that this fire has something to do with Leyla.
  • Kanat finds Leyla’s whereabouts and is taken into custody just as she is about to take action.
  • Aziz tells the school that he has found Leyla’s location and takes everyone on a yacht trip, but this trip is nothing but a trap for them.

Duy Beni Episode 17

  • The wing was shaken by the blow from Ekim; love turned into hate. Ekim, on the other hand, is shaken by the effects of both losing the man she loves and being ripped off by her friend because she went the way she knew was right and was left alone at the end of the road. Kanat, Melisa and Ozan reunite while Ekim questions the journey in Gercek College and in her life. Kanat is determined to show Ekim the dark side she has never shown before, to hurt her.
  • Leyla has achieved her goal, and has brought a wedge between Ekim and Kanat. Her goal now is to prevent them from getting together again. But there is another person who wants to take advantage of the two’s separation; Melisa. Leyla has to work hard to keEp Kanat away from both Ekim and Melisa. While Leyla does her best for this cause; Aziz can’t help but be influenced by Leyla’s evil intelligence.
  • While the groupings and wars continue at the Gerçek College, Bahar and Selim continue to struggle with bullying. By being in the right place at the right time, Bahar reaches information that she should never have learned. He is unaware that a great disaster will come with this knowledge he has learned.

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Duy Beni (English title: Hear Me) which will be produced by Süreç Film is a Turkish television series directed by Ali Balcı and written by Makbule Kosif. It will be broadcasted on Star TV soon. Caner Topçu, Rabia Soytürk, and Berk Hakman will play the lead roles.

  • Original Title: Duy Beni
  • English Title: Hear Me
  • Genre: Drama
  • Broadcast Network: Star TV
  • Director: Ali Balcı
  • Producer: Ali Gündoğdu
  • Writer: Makbule Kosif
  • Release Date: 7th July 2022

Synopsis :

  • The first presentation of Duy Beni series, which was produced by Süreç Film and starring Berk Hakman, Rabia Soytürk, Caner Topçu, Ege Kökenli, Durul Bazan and Murat Daltaban, was broadcast last night. Duy Beni which will mark the summer season, will soon be on Star with its intriguing story and strong staff!
  • In the promotion that draws attention to the loneliness of a girl trying to make her voice heard in the crowd, the generic music specially prepared for the series was also highly appreciated by the audience. The series, which also collects good comments on social media, counts the days for its screen adventure.
  • Makbule Kosif and Gülsev Karagöz are writing the script of the series, which will be directed by Ali Balcı. In the series, which will attract attention with its surprise cast, the phenomenon of “bullying” among bright young people in a rich school will be screened with an impressive family and youth drama. ‘Duy Beni (Hear to Me)’ will be on Star soon with its strong cast and intriguing story…
  • Directed by Ali Balcı and written by Makbule Kosif, Popular actors such as Bedia Ener, Hamdi Alp, Utku Coşkun, Taha Bora Elkoca, Gökçe Güneş Doğrusöz, Yasemin Berkiş, Yeliz Akay, Cemre Özşişman, Dilara Sümbül, Beste Kaptanoğlu, İbrahim Yıldız and Durul Bazan, and Murat Daltaban and Bedia Ener take part.
  • Among the scholarship winners is Ekim. However, his aim is to somehow find the traces of those who did this evil to his childhood friend Leyla. With Ekim, Bekir (Taha Bora Elkoca) and Ayşe (Gökçe Güneş Doğrusöz) also passed the exam.

Duy Beni Episode 17

  • On the first day of school, they treat them as if they came from outer space. Then they meet a phenomenon that will change their lives from that day on. Tyranny! The students of this rich school have established their own order in a system they call tradition, sometimes to have fun and sometimes to experience exciting moments. No one intervened because they were not harmed. Until a new teacher is appointed to the school that day.
  • Selim Bender (Berk Hakman) is an idealistic person who always stands by the truth in both his personal and professional life and has tried to guide his students to goodness. He realizes that the students at this school are keeping a secret.
  • Berk Hakman, Ege Kökenli, Rabia Soytürk, Caner Topçu, Helin Kandemir, Burak Can, Sümeyye Aydoğan, Feride Çetin, Aytaç Uşun, Meltem Akçöl, in the cast of “Hear Me”, directed by Ali Balcı and written by Makbule Kosif, Popular actors such as Alper Atak, Bedia Ener, Hamdi Alp, Utku Coşkun, Taha Bora Elkoca, Gökçe Güneş Doğrusöz, Jasmin Berkiş, Yeliz Akay, Cemre Özşişman, Dilara Sümbül, Beste Kaptanoğlu, İbrahim Yıldız and Durul Bazan and Murat Daltaban and Bedia Ener are featured. taking.

Cast Hear to Me :

Duy Beni

  • Caner Topçu as Kanat
  • Rabia Soytürk as Ekim
  • Berk Hakman as Selim Bender
  • Burak Can as Aziz
  • Ege Kökenli as Bahar
  • Sümeyye Aydoğan as Melisa
  • Helin Kandemir as Meltem
  • Durul Bazan as Fikret
  • Murat Daltaban as Rıza
  • Yeliz Akkaya as Suna
  • Aytaç Uşun as Halil
  • Alper Atak as Süleyman
  • Feride Çetin as Neşe
  • Bedir Bedir as Hasan
  • Hamdi Alp as Selçuk
  • Utku Coşkun as Ozan
  • Taha Bora Elkoca as Bekir
  • Elif Çakman as Hatice
  • Bedia Ener as Şükran
  • Gökçe Güneş Doğrusöz as Ayşe
  • Meltem Akçöl as Hazal
  • Jasmin Berkiş as Ceren
  • Sena Gençtürk as Ceyda
  • Cemre Özşişman as Emine
  • Dilara Sümbül as Ece
  • İzzet Yüksek as Cingöz

Caner Topçu as Kanat

Duy Beni Caner Topçu

  • Name: Caner Topcu
  • Birthdate: June 25, 1997
  • Birthplace: Istanbul, Turkey
  • Height: 184 cm
  • Education: Theatre Lessons from Harun Ozer (Harun Ozer Tiyatro Egitimi), Acting Lessons from Fulya Filazi (Fulya Filazi Oyunculuk Egitimi)
  • Biography: Caner Topcu was born in Istanbul on June 25, 1997. His full name is Ishak Caner Topcu. He graduated from Samandira Vocational and Technical Vocational High School and took acting lessons from Harun Ozer and Fulya Filazi. He made his debut with his role in Turkish movie Bilincsizler.
  • Caner Topcu Tv Series / Movies
  • 2015 – Bilincsizler (as Recep) (Movie)
  • 2018 – Evrensel Dongu: Yasam Agacina Yolculuk (as Omer Ali) (Movie)
  • 2019 – Turn of Duty 24/7 (Nobet)
  • 2019 – Evrensel Dongu: Zamansal Yolculuk (as Omer Ali) (Movie)
  • 2021 – Hic (as Deniz)
  • 2021 – Barbarossa: Sword of the Mediterranean (Barbaroslar: Akdeniz’in Kilici) (as Ilyas Reis)

Rabia Soytürk as Ekim

Duy Beni Rabia Soyturk

  • Name: Rabia Soyturk
  • Birthdate: March 11, 1996
  • Birthplace: Istanbul, Turkey
  • Height: 166 cm (5′ 5¼”)
  • Education: Istanbul Arel University – Architecture (Istanbul Arel Universitesi Mimarlik Bolumu); Sadri Alisik Culture Center – Theatre and Acting (Sadri Alisik Kultur Merkezinde Tiyatro ve Oyunculuk Egitimi)
  • Biography: Rabia Soyturk was born on 11 March 1996 in Istanbul. Her height is 166 cm and her weight is 52 kg. Due to the fact that her parents were working, she was raised by her grandparents. Rabia Soyturk went to vocational school and studied nursing. After high school, she studied architecture at Istanbul Arel University. After then, she took acting lessons at Sadri Alisik Culture Center and started her acting career.
  • Rabia Soyturk Tv Series / Movies
  • 2018 – Cukurdakiler (as Gulcan)
  • 2018 – Persona (Sahsiyet) (as Suveyda)
  • 2019 – Ozgur Dunya (as Asli)
  • 2018 – 2019 Gulperi (as Selen Alkilic)
  • 2019 – 2021 My Name is Melek (Benim Adim Melek) (as Defne)
  • 2021 – 2022 Alparslan: The Great Seljuks (Alparslan: Buyuk Selcuklu) (as Karaca Hatun)
  • 2022 – Duy Beni (as Ekim)

Hear to Me Episode 17

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