Camdaki kiz Episode 51 English Subtitles – Season 3

Camdaki kiz Episode 51 English Subtitles – Season 3

Series : Camdaki Kiz English Subtitles – High Quality

Season : 3

Episode : 51

Views : 68

Quality : HD 1080p

Duration : 120 minutes

Language : Turkish

Camdaki kiz Episode 51 English Subtitles

Camdaki kiz Episode 4 Season 3

Episode Summary

  • Feride, who thinks that Hayri and Nalan are alone in the room, sees Sedat unconscious in his bed, but still cannot control his nerves and quickly activates the plan in his mind for Hayri.
  • Nalan, who is very angry with what Sedat has done, will not forgive him easily. Gülcihan, who left the house to make Rafet soften towards her, is determined to lose her track for a while. Selen, who is the new chairman of the board of the company, announces his new decisions.

Previous Episode Summary

  • How will the return of Sedat affect the rapprochement of Nalan and Hayri?
  • Sedat’s return and the words of both Selen and Feride cause Nalan to suppress her feelings about Hayri. Rafet, takes Sedat to the house where they live with Cana, to apologize to Alp; At the meeting, he held at the company, he explains that the Chairman of the Board of Directors has now been transferred to Selen. Billur and Nalan plan a party outside to celebrate Sedat’s return.

camdaki kiz Episode 51 English Subtitles

Camdaki Kiz 3 Seazon

  • In the season finale of the series, there will be the excitement of the wedding; Selma Ergeç, who gave life to the character of ‘Selen’ in the series, shared her photo with Enis Arıkan and Tuğrul Tülek on her Instagram account and said, ‘We have a wedding!’ downgraded she.
  • Ergeç’s sharing brought to mind that the ‘Muzaffer’ character, played by Enis Arıkan, will marry the ‘Pera’ character, played by Leyla Feray, who is included in the new Episodes of the series.
  • On the other hand, in the new Episode of Camdaki Kiz, Nalan, who learned about Cana’s pregnancy, confronted all her family members and said, ‘Game Over!! The moments she said will make a mark.
  • The series, which will bid farewell to its second season with its 47th Episode to be broadcast on Thursday, June 16, will be on Kanal D screens again in September with its third season.

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  • Nalan (Burcu Biricik) is a beautiful young girl who is the only child of Ipekoglu family. She is a naïve, graceful, kind, and innocent girl who is 25 years old. She has been raised without love and tender in a big house along the Bosporus. Her mother Feride (Nur Surer) is a control freak.
  • Feride is a conservative and obsessive old woman who is 70 years old. She is in fact Nalan’s grandmother. She has raised her granddaughter as her own child after her daughter passed away while giving birth. Nalan does not know anything about her biological parents. She just knows that her parents passed away in a car accident years ago while she was a little child.
  • Feride controls everything about Nalan, even her weight. She does not want her to gain weight above 53 kilograms. She cares about family honor to death. Thus, she does not let Nalan go outside at night and date with a man before getting married. She has a harsh attitude towards Nalan and never shows compassion and understanding towards her. She has never forgiven Nalan due to the fact that she is the baby for killing her mother while coming into the world.
  • Nalan is an obedient girl who never argues with her mother. She wears a tight corset, answers phone calls whenever her mother calls, never dates with a man, and never goes outside in the evening. She works as an interior architect at Koroglu company.
  • Koroglu family is a well-known family who owns hotel chains across the country. The father Rafet Koroglu (Tamer Levent) is a successful businessman who has been raised in poverty and has achieved everything in life with his own effort. He has an eye on all the family’s spending and controls whether family members obey his rules or not.

Camdaki kiz Episode 4 Season 3

  • The heir of Koroglu family is Sedat (Feyyaz Serifoglu) who is a young and handsome man. Sedat is 30 years old and he is the eldest son in the family. He has two other brothers named Levent (Tugrul Tulek) and Muzo (Enis Arikan).
  • Out of pure coincidence, the lives of Nalan and Sedat intersect. Since they work at the same company, they come across to each other for the first time at the company’s cafeteria. This encounter starts a new pathway for both of them.
  • When Rafet wants her son Sedat to get married to a nice girl, Nalan appears to be a perfect bride for the family. Sedat has an undignified affair with a married middle-aged woman Cana (Hande Ataizi). He does not want to end his relationship with her but at the same time, he does not have courage to object to his father.
  • Sedat has nothing to do but to do whatever his father approves. He approaches Nalan while continuing his secret affair. Eventually, he gets recognition of his father for finding a perfect bride for the family. On the other hand, Nalan thinks that she is in the middle of a fairytale.
  • chrysalis (Camdaki Kiz) tv series story is about an innocent girl Nalan who has been raised without love and compassion due to her mother’s conservative and obsessive behavior. Will Nalan accept to get married to Sedat? Will Feride approve the marriage of Nalan and Sedat? Will Sedat end his relationship with a married woman after seeing Nalan? Will Nalan eventually find peace in life? Will Nalan and Sedat fall in love with each other?

camdaki kiz Episode 51

History From The Novel camdaki kız ?

  • In this book, which tells the story of how the pain hidden in the luxury life of the character at a young age is never forgotten and comes to light with love. The main character begins to experience the pain he experienced when he was a little boy, this time by the man he fell in love with. Moreover, this time he is much more shaken by the pain he experienced as a young man with the man he loved. It’s a story you’d say that’s what it’s supposed to be to suffer knowingly. You’re going to get pretty emotional reading this book, maybe you’re not going to be able to hold back your tears.
  • The main character of the book, the girl in the glass, the book about the life of this character, who also gave the name of the book, is also noted for being a true story that has happened. The other main character in the book is the poor boy who hates women. You will be lost in the greatness and pain of love between these two main characters. Love, which combines characters who live two different lives, becomes painful after a while, and this story, which becomes completely different when it comes to being deceived, will drag you away.
  • Nalan is a beautiful young woman who has won everyone’s love at first sight with her warmth. As the only child of her family, he was raised with a hand baby rose, lived his life in existence and graduated from the best schools with a degree. Nalan suddenly finds herself on the eve of her marriage to Sedat Koroglu while working as an architect for Koroglu, Turkey’s largest hotel chain. Although Nalan and Sadat began to walk hand in hand in this tale with hope, thinking that they had moved away from the dark secrets they had hidden in their past; Soon their lives will be plunged into real darkness.

Cast of camdaki kız

  • Burcu Biricik as Nalan

Burcu Biricik last played the role of ‘Boncuk’ in The Red Room and was much loved. Burcu Biricik’s new series. She plays Nalan in camdaki kız (The Girl in the Window). We’re sure he’ll shine like a star in his new series.

  • Feyyaz Sharifoglu as Sedat

Feyyaz Sharifoglu played the fictional beloved Can in The Red Room. Feyyaz Sharifoglu starred in The Red Room with Burcu Biricik. Now they’re going to be in the new series together.

  • Hande Ataizi

Hande Ataizi was one of the actresses in camdaki kız. Who is Hande Ataizi? Born in Bursa in 1973, she graduated from Istanbul University State Conservatory Theatre Department. She became known for her series Ruhsar, which aired in 1998. She then appeared in the tv series Estağfurullah Yokuşu, Melekler Adası, Buzda Dans, Karışık Aile, Desti İzdivaç, Benzemez Kimse Sana, and Hayat Mucizelere Gebe.

  • Devrim Yakut as Gülcihan

Devrim Yakut was born in Ankara in 1968. He graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Language History and Geography, Department of Theater. Brave and Beautiful, Between The Family, Daddy’s Money, Have You Ever Seen a Firefly?

  • Tamer Levent as Rafet

Tamer Levent was born in Izmir in 1950. He graduated from Ankara State Conservatory Theatre Department. Aşk Yeniden, Ertuğrul, Cesur ve Güzel, İstanbullu Gelin, Çiçero, Maria ile Mustafa, Menajerimi Ara are the projects he has starred in in recent years.

  • Nur Sürer as Feride

Nur Sürer born in Bursa in 1954, he appeared in the films Ihlamurlar Altında, Lale Devri, Tatar Ramazan, Bir Litre Gözyaşı and Çukur.

  • Enis Arikan

Enis Arikan, known and loved for his comedy series, was born in Istanbul in 1983. She’s appeared in Kadar Konuş, Aşk ve Ceza, Uçurum, Jet Sosyete, Benimle Söyle, and Yasak Elma.

  • Nihal Menzil as Hafize

Nihal Menzil born in Konya in 1962, Nihal Range became famous for his second spring and vine mansion series. Doktorlar, Ezo Gelin, Yol Arkadaşım, Aşk Kapıyı Çalıncahas appeared in tv series.

  • Selma Ergeç as Selen

Selma Ergeç born in Germany in 1978, she has a degree in the Best Model Of Turkey competition. She was a model and model. She has appeared in Kalp Ağrısı, Muhteşem Yüzyıl, Gönül İşleri, Vatanım Sensin, Atiye and Mesti Aşk series.

  • Feri Guler as Döndü

Actress Feri Baycu Guler was born in Istanbul in 1978. She studied at Istanbul University State Conservatory Theatre Department. She first appeared in Altınsoylar, Hayati ve Diğerleri, Erkenci Kuş, Hilal and Bay Yanlış

  • Tuğrul Tülek as Levent

Tuğrul Tülek was born in Bursa in 1976. He graduated from Uludag University with a degree in English Teaching. He also studied at Anadolu University Theatre Department. Tuğrul Tülek, who has performed in theatre plays, has appeared in Bu Son Olsun, Pek Yakında, Şeytan Tüyü series.

  • Hamza Yazıcı as Tako

Hamza Yazici was born in 1992. He appeared in Güldür Güldür Show, Görevimiz Komedi, Organize İşler Sazan Sarmalı 2, Polis Akademisi Alaturka series films.

  • Merve Polat as Billur

Merve Polat was born in Istanbul in 1990. He graduated from Marmara University, Department of History. Afterwards, he earned a master’s degree in Theatre from Kadir Has University. He appeared in Ankara’nın Dikmeni, Günebakan ve Siyah İnci series films.

  • Şerif Erol as Adil

Who is Serif Erol, the actress who starred in The girl in the glass? Born in Izmir in 1963, Sharif Erol continues his career as a theatre actor, screenwriter and voice actor. Sharif Erol has written the films Şerif Erol Kadın, Mucize Doktor, Kapı, Öğretmen, Menajerimi Ara

  • Uraz Kaygılaroglu

Uraz Kaygılaroglu was born in Istanbul in 1987. He graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University advertising. He appeared in the films Pis Yedili, Harem, Eltilerin Savaşı, Aynen Aynen, Egenin Hamsisi, Baba Candır, and Yedi Güzel Adam.

The girl in the glass

The girl in the glass Episode 51

Camdaki kiz Episode 4 English Subtitles Season 3

Camdaki Kiz 4 Seazon 3


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