Bambaska Biri Episode 15 English Subtitles

Bambaska Biri Episode 15 English Subtitles

Series : Bambaska Biri English Subtitles Full HD

Season : 1

Episode : 15

Category : CrimeRomance

Actors : ,

Views : 470

Year :

Quality : HD 1080p

Country : Turkey

Language : Turkish

Bambaska Biri Episode 15 English Subtitles

What happen in the end Episode?

  • Dogan, who wants to announce his ideals to the public, begins to threaten Kenan with messages he sends to the press. It is certain that Hamdi Atılbay was not the last victim. However, the presence of prosecutor Leyla creates unexpected obstacles in İdris and Doğan’s path. Doğan’s new murder gives clues about the trauma he suffered as a child. Kenan, who is unaware of his split personality, begins to make excuses for the gaps in his memory.
  • As the number of people Leyla can trust decreases, the number of victims increases. Turan, who wants to save his son, is tested by turning into a chief prosecutor who protects the murderer. Will Kenan comply with Doğan’s demands and agree to be the voice of a murderer? Will the enemy living inside Kenan pose a threat to Leyla?

Episode Summary

  • Leyla was shocked when Doğan, whom she thought was Kenan, went too far. When Kenan comes to, he learns what he did and tries to forgive himself. But it is not easy to soften Leyla’s anger. Kenan, whose memory loss becomes more frequent, begins to doubt his sanity. He is not the only person who notices this situation.
  • Having failed to kill his last victim, Doğan takes unexpected risks to prevent İrfan from speaking. Leyla and commissioner Refik, whose trust in Kenan is increasingly shaken, play a dangerous game to confirm the killer’s connection with Kenan. This time it is Doğan’s turn to fall into the trap.
  • Leyla is not the only one suspicious of Ekrem, whose lies gradually accumulate. Tahir’s secretive behavior, which also caught his attention, is actually the tip of the iceberg. Doğan and İdris are not the only ones trying to reach İrfan. Doğan now has new obstacles in front of him. Will Doğan be able to finish what he started? Or is it someone from Leyla’s own family who will disrupt the investigation?

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  • The murder of Hamdi Atilbay in the forest crosses the paths of prosecutor Leyla, and journalist Kenan, this murder heralds the destruction of not only their love, but also the truth they know about their lives.

Bambaska Biri Episode 15 English Subtitles

Bambaska Biri Full HD With English Subtitle

Character Cast of the series (Another Person)

Bambaska Biri Episode 15

Hande Ercel play as Leyla

  • Hande Erçel was born on November 24, 1993 in Balıkesir. As of 2023, the beautiful actress, who is in her 30s, graduated from Mimar Sinan University, Department of Acting. Hande Erçel, who is 176cm tall and 50kg, is currently dating Hakan Sabancı.
  • Erçel, who is one of the popular names of the last period, has previously appeared as the leading role in TV series such as Aşk Laftan Anlamaz, Siyah İnci, Halka, Sen Çal Kapımi and Azize.
  • Leyla is a successful public prosecutor. Leyla, who started working in Muş, was appointed to Istanbul. Leyla, who is assigned to Istanbul with her parents, starts to investigate the murder of a famous businessman as her first job. The corpse in the forest will bring the messenger Kenan and the prosecutor Leyla face to face.

Burak Deniz play as Kenan Ozturk

  • Burak Deniz was born on February 17, 1991 in Izmit. As of 2023, the handsome actor, who is within the age of 32, is 182cm tall and 77kg. After graduating from 18 Mart University, the actress, who took acting lessons, has finally made a rapid debut with the series Maraşlı and Yarım Kalan Aşklar. The actor, who is in love with Deniz Büşra Develi, has previously appeared in TV series such as Tatlı Küçük Yalancılar, Aşk Laftan Anlamaz and Bizim Hikaye.
  • Kenan Ozturk is a successful and famous television reporter who breaks his own. Kenan, the beloved messenger of the screens, goes to the scene to investigate a famous businessman who was murdered in the forest. Here he meets the public prosecutor, Leyla, who is investigating the murder.

Cem Davran play as Turan Ozturk

  • Cem Davran, who had previously acted in productions such as Aşkın Tarifi, Yarım Kalan Aşklar and Kardeş Çocukları, was born in Istanbul in 1964. As of today, the actor, who is 59 years old, has taken part in Istanbul City Theaters after graduating from Yıldız Technical University Electrical Engineering. The player, who is 177cm tall and 58kg, will give life to the character of Turan Öztürk in this series.

Gulcin Hatihan play as Şahinde

Gülçin Hatıhan was born on December 21, 1972 in Istanbul. As of today, the actress, who is 51 years old, took acting lessons at the Müjdat Gezen Art Center. Known for the character of Passion, which he portrayed in the European European series, the actor has previously appeared in series such as Gül Masalı, Hercai, Mahkum, and Çukur. Şahinde is Leyla’s mother.

Feridun Düzagac

  • Hande Erçel & Burak Deniz Will Be A Star In The Series Bambaşka Biri (The Another Person): Trailer And Summary (Another Person) Released Has Been Announced! Feridun Düzağaç was born on October 10, 1968 in Adana.
  • He graduated from Çukurova University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Business Administration. Continuing to make music during university, the successful soloist is the soloist of songs such as Beni Bırakma, and Lavinia.

Polen Emre play as Nuray

Polen Emre was born in Adana in 1991. The player, who is 175cm tall and 54kg, graduated from the Radio and Television Department of the Istanbul Plato School. Polen Emre Tetik previously met the audience with the character of Fadik in the TV series Bir Zamanlar Çukurova. Nuray is Leyla’s aunt.

Asli Orcan play as Nukhet

Aslı Orcan was born on May 27, 1980 in Aydın. As of 2023, the player, who is within the age of 43, is 179cm tall. The actress, who studied acting at the Cinema and Television Department of the Ekol Drama School, has previously acted in TV series such as Darmaduman, Sadakatsiz, Medcezir, Kahraman, and Baba. Nükhet is the boss of the channel where Kenan works.

Ugur Uzunel play as Tahir

Uğur Uzunel, who will give life to the character of Leyla’s brother Tahir in the TV series was born on November 12, 1988 in Izmir. The actress, who is 35 years old as of today, studied at Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Acting. Uğur Uzunel has previously acted in productions such as Afili Aşk, Masumlar Apartmanı, Sıfırıncı Gün.

Muttalip Müjdeci

Muttalip Müjdeci, who took part in productions such as Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu, Magarsus, Anadolu Leoparı, and Koyun, was born in Yozgat in 1972. The player, who is 185cm tall and 90kg, reflects the Anatolian personality.blank

Kardelen Arnavutoglu play as Gulcin

Kardelen Arnavutoğlu works with Deniz Dalgıç Management Office. The actress, who has been performing in theaters for about 11 years, will give life to the character of Gülçin in the TV series. Gülçin is a journalist who is in love with Kenan.

Begum Akkaya

Begüm Akkaya was born on February 8, 1991 in Istanbul. As of 2023, the player who is within the age of 32 is 160cm tall and 47kg. She graduated from Istanbul University State Conservatory theater department. She has previously acted in TV series such as Muhteşem Yüzyıl, Adı Zehra and Aşk ve Gurur.

Berrin Arisoy

Berrin Arısoy was born on July 22, 1970 in Ankara. Graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Language, History and Geography, Department of Theater, the actor has previously acted in productions such as Kaderimin Yazıldığı Gün, Dinle Sevgili, and Kıvılcım.

Bambaska Biri Episode 15

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