Aile Episode 24 English Subtitles Season 2

Aile Episode 24 English Subtitles Season 2

Series : Aile English Subtitles – Family

Season : 2

Episode : 24

Category : DramaRomance

Views : 140

Quality : HD 1080p

Country : Turkey

Language : Turkish

Aile Episode 24 English Subtitles Season 2

Family Episode 24 Season 2

Episode Summary

  • After the Soykan table was destroyed, Aslan tried to gather his dispersed family together; He buys a marina to start a clean page in his life. Devin, on the other hand, is determined to end her marriage with Aslan after the price she paid. That’s why he hires a divorce lawyer. A video leaked to the internet during the opening of the marina made the healing wounds bleed again; Everyone wonders the answer to the same question: Who leaked the video?
  • After the leaked video, Devin finds himself in a seaside town far from everyone. However, he will not be able to escape from only one person: Aslan. Aslan tries to convince him so that they can become a family again and heal Devin’s wounds. However, Devin will not easily forget the price he paid for this love. While we were having big showdowns at the donation night of Hülya Association; Learning that he has been living in a big lie for years, Cihan is now against the Soykans with all his might.

Aile Episode 24

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Aile Episode 24 English Subtitles Season 2

Family Episode 24 Season 2

  • “The story of lonely children who are wrongly loved…” The table is the only place that reminds the Soykans that they are ‘family’. That day, while a table is being set for the whole family to gather, Aslan is on the Izmir plane to solve one of his “dark” affairs regarding his uncle.
  • Psychologist Devin and Aslan’s paths cross on this journey. Devin is also going to Izmir to deal with a new trouble that his sister has gotten into. It is very clear that they are people of different worlds. But it doesn’t take long for them to discover their common ‘wound’; their families. Aslan breaks a very important rule of the Soykan Constitution for Devin from the very first night. This is enough for her mother Hülya, who feels an obsessive attachment to Aslan, to realize the great danger that is approaching; Devin.
  • Hülya’s job, who has shown many times before that she can do everything to prevent her son from getting away from the family, will not be as easy as before this time. However, Hülya is not the only one whose job is not easy. The encounter on the Izmir plane will be only the beginning of the difficult road that our wounded heroes will take to establish their own families.

Aile Episode 24 English Subtitles Season 2

Aile (The Family) Series Season 2 Release Date

  • “Aile” series broadcast on Show TV screens managed to attract attention in a short time. The series, which aired on Tuesday evenings, is followed with interest not only in Turkey but also abroad. It turned out that Aile series, which was broadcast on Show TV screens, was for one season. It has been determined that the series will make the final in the last Episode.
  • Aile is an adaptation of the family drama The Sopranos, which ran for 6 seasons, produced by David Chase. It is not known what will happen in the final of the domestic version of the series. The cast of the family series is like a stargate. Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ and Serenay Sarıkaya are in the lead roles in the series. There are also popular names such as Canan Ergüder and Nur Sürer in the cast.
  • Despite its ambitious cast, there will not be a second season of “Aile” series. It has been learned that the series is a one-season project. According to the information in the media, Aile series will only 26th Episodes is certain. The family series is scheduled to run for 30 Episodes. The reason why the series consists of only one season and 30 Episodes is that the leading actor Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ signed a contract for only 30 Episodes.
  • Will the family series continue in the new season? Will there be a season 2? We will answer your questions for you. Hakan Bonomo writes the script of the series “Aile” signed by Ay Yapım. The audience also wondered if the Family series would continue in the new season. In this topic, we will share with you whether the Family series, starring Serenay Sarıkaya and Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ, will continue in the new season and when it will end.

Synopsis of Aile (The Family)

  • Ay Yapım, which is preparing a new mafia series for Show Tv, is preparing a brand new series. It has been learned that Kerem Çatay, who has signed the Üç Kuruş TV series starring Uraz Kaygılaroğlu and Ekin Koç, will apply new characters and a new shooting style in his new series.
  • However, after the success of Kerem Çatay’s “Judgment” series broadcast on Kanal D screens, it was stated that he also wanted Judgment breezes in the series.
  • It was among other information that the new series Aile will be an adaptation of The Sopranos, which is watched with interest around the world. It was also said that the story of a crowded family with a crowded staff will be told in the Family series, which will be written by Hakan Bonomo.
  • The script for the family series, produced by Ay Yapım, was written by Hakan Bonomo, who was also the screenwriter of the TV series Söz. In the director’s chair for the series are Ahmet Kateksis, who is also the director on the Alev Alev series, and Cem Toluay, who is also the director of Prisoner, are sitting.
  • Aile (The Family) series revolves around the impressive story of a large family. In the future, psychologist Devin will enter the life of this family and the life of the family will change. The series, which takes place on a farm, also tells the life story of a psychologist.
  • He casts the character Aile
  • The cast of Ay Yapım’s new Aile series has been announced. Among the family players, Serenay Sarıkaya, Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ, Canan Ergüder, Yurdaer Okur, and Yüsra Geyik will all take place together. Many young talents will also participate in the family cast.
  • The family series will be a living series and will have similarities to the fossil series in many ways. The family series channel will be shown on Show TV.

Family Episode 24 Season 2

cast of characters

Kivanc Tatlitug

Aile English Subtitles – Family

  • Kivanc Tatlitug was born on October 27, 1983 in Adana, Turkey. Graduated from Istanbul Kultur University Design – Multimedia and Cinema. His mother is from Edirne, Turkey. His paternal grandmother was a Bosnian immigrant from Sarajevo.
  • His paternal grandfather was an Albanian immigrant from Pristina. His professional career began with modeling in 2002. After a modeling career, his acting career began with the television series “Gumus” (2005) with the lead role of “Mohamed”. Gumus is known as the first Turkish TV series sold in the Middle East. He had a guest role in the fantasy series Acemi Cadi (2006) of the Turkish adaptation of “Sabrina The Teenage Witch” with Merve Bolugur for the second time.
  • Subsequently, Kivanc Tatlitug gained a large fan base abroad mostly in the Middle East, Balkans, North Africa, and Turkic Republics. He has been invited by several film festivals such as Abu Dhabi, Cairo, Muscat, Doha, Tribeca (as guest of honor) and has won several honorary awards.
  • Immediately after “Gumus” he continued his acting career in the lead roles as Halil in the series “Menekse ile Halil”, as Muzaffer in the movie “Amerikalilar Karadeniz’de”, as Behlül in the TV series “Ask-i Memnu”, as guest star Sekiz in the series TV series “Ezel”, as Kuzey in the TV series “Kuzey Guney”, as Muzaffer Tayyip Uslu in the movie “Kelebegin Ruyasi”, as Kurt Seyit in the TV series “Kurt Seyit ve Shura”, Cesur. In the TV series “Cesur ve Guzel”, Ali in the movie “Hadi Be Oglum”, “Saruhan” in the movie “Organize Isler Sazan Sarmali” and Kadir Adali in the TV series “Carpisma”.
  • Throughout his acting career, he has won several “Best Actor” awards such as the 17th Golden Butterfly TV Awards (2009), Sadri Alisik Awards for Theater and Film (2012), 39th Butterfly TV Awards (2012), 18th Golden Lens Award (2012), Hunter Award- Turkish Film Critics Association for Best Actor (2014), “Creators of Their Own Miracles Award” at the 44th. Golden Butterfly Awards (2017) and “The Male Brand Award” presented by Marketing Turkey in 2018.
  • Kivanc Tatlitug recently received the “Best Actor in a Comedy” award at the 19th Sadry Alicek Theater and Film Awards (2019).
  • Moreover, Kivanc Tatlitug has also won “Best Actor” awards from many universities, educational and public institutions internationally.
  • Off screen, Kivanc Tatlitug is the world’s youngest-ever UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and continues to work for children.

Serenay Sarikaya

Aile English Subtitles – Family

  • Serenay Sarikaya was born on the 1st of July 1992 in Ankara, Turkey. She is a Turkish actress and model. Sarikaya started studying at Antalya Seim Salih Konca High School. But she moved to Istanbul. So I graduated from the theater department of the Fine Arts High School in Istanbul.
  • At the age of 14, she had minor roles in the movie “Saskin” (2006) and the movie “Plajda” (2008). Her first leading role was in the children’s fantasy series Peri Masali (2008). With Can Organcioglu, she played in the series Limon Agaci (2008) and the English short film “Hoscakal”.
  • Her breakthrough role is ‘Sofia’ in the crime comedy series Adanali (2008-10). She gained worldwide attention for her roles in The O.C.’s new Turkish series “Lale Devri”, “Medcezir”, “Fi” based on the novel and the fantasy series “Sahmaran”.
  • With Nejat Eisler, she continued her film career in the series “Bahçet Si Ankara Yanyur” and “Ekimizin Yeren”. Since 2019 Sarikaya has been providing her vocals in “Alice Musically”, a musical composition based on the song Alice in Wonderland. It received critical acclaim and won several awards, including two Golden Butterfly Awards.
  • At the age of fifteen, she participated in a beauty contest and received a special prize from the jury at the European Youth Beauty Contest. Later, Sarikaya became the first runner-up in Miss Turkey 2010. In addition to her acting career, Sarikaya has appeared in many advertising films and is the face of several brands. In 2014, she was chosen by GQ Turkey as Woman of the Year.

Serena Sarikaya as Devin Aydin

  • Serenay Sarıkaya has been agreed on the role of Devin, which was previously announced by Özge Özpirinçci. Serena Sarikaya was born on July 1, 1991 in Ankara. Serena Sarikaya, 32, ranked second in the Miss Turkey contest.
  • She later became famous for her Lale Devri and Medcezir series. Serenay Sarıkaya, who participated in Internet series such as Fi and ahmeran, does not have a lover. Serenay Sarıkaya is 1.75 cm tall and weighs 54 kg. Devin is a beautiful and successful psychiatrist. Devin will try to heal the family of Hulya Aslan’s son, but she will also face a series of problems in her own family.

Kivanc Tatlitug as Aslan Soykan

  • Kivanc Tatlitug was born on October 27, 1983 in Adana. He won first place in the Best Of Model Turkey competition held in 2002. The handsome actor, who received his acting education from Laçin Ceylan and Okan Bayülgen, had his first television experience with the Gümüş series. Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ Ezel, who starred in the Aşk-ı Memnu series published in 2008, has participated in productions such as Kuzey Güney, Collision and Organize İşler2.
  • Aslan is the only son of a large family. Aslan, Hulya’s son, is a very angry and shady man. As Aslan deals with the problems of his family and work life, he falls in love with psychologist Devin.

Ecem Simge Yurdatapan as Aysel

  • Ecem Simge Yurdatapan, who is among the family players, was born on March 18, 1995 in Istanbul. The beautiful artist, who graduated from the Theater Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Mimar Sinan, is 175 cm tall and weighs 54 kg.
  • The beautiful actress Ecem Simge Yurdatapan previously starred in Dream Peşine, which featured social media phenoms like Fester Abdü, eyda Erdoğan, and Cihan imşek.

Kanan Ergoder as Leyla

  • Kanan Ergoder was born on July 15, 1976 in Istanbul. She studied sociology and theater in America. She returned to Turkey in 2007 and participated in the TV series Knife Back and Binbir Night.
  • He played the character of the procurator Esra in the TV series Behzat Tesh, which was published in 2010, as Kanan Erguder in productions such as Son, Search for My Manager and Galip Derviş.

Nejat Eisler as Cihangir

  • Nejat Isler was born on February 29, 1972 in Istanbul, and she is 51 years old. Nejat Ishler, who took acting lessons at Mimar Sinan University, has been away from TV series for a long time due to his psoriasis.
  • Recently, Nejat Işler appeared in the series Çukur and Behzat Ç. The Acer Single Lifeguard measures 1.83 inches long and weighs 73 pounds.

Oshan Cakir as Attila

  • Oshan Cakir was born on May 23, 1984 in Izmir. The player, who is 175 cm tall and weighs 73 kg, is a graduate of the Istanbul University Conservatory. Oshan Shakir, who took on a popular character with the character of Arda in the TV series Leyla Il Mecnun, published in 2011.
  • He has participated in productions such as Criminals, Beni Much Love, Search for My Manager, Courtyard and Ferhat Il ile irin. Attila is the great-granddaughter of Hiri.

Levent Ulgen as Igbo

  • Finally, Levent Ülgen, who participated in the TV series Baba, was born on August 8, 1962 in Konya. Levent Ulgen, who won the love of screen fans with the character Sinan he portrayed in the TV series Akasya Durağı.
  • He is a graduate of the Theater Department of Hacettepe University. Levent Ülgen, who has participated in productions such as Kuzgun, Rental Love and Gençliğim Eyvah, was recently included in the Family Players list. The Igbo character, played by Levent Ulgen, is Aslan’s uncle. Aslan and Ibu often argue about business.

Ipek Tinolcay as Ness

  • Ipek Tinolcay, known for her character Nesrin in the TV series Kurtlar Vadisi, July 12, 1970. She was born in Istanbul. The beautiful actress, who is 173 cm tall, started her acting career with the series Şehnaz Tengo after modeling for many years.
  • Finally, among the Family Players, Ipek Tinolcay has previously worked in productions such as Red Room, Maria Il Mustafa, Early Bird and Heart Thief. Nish is the mother of Devin Wigmore.

Esma Yeshim Gul as Izgi

  • Esma Yesim Gül, who will revive the character of Ezgi in the family series, was born on June 26, 1995. The beautiful actress, who completed her university life in Kadir Has University’s Theater Department, started her acting career with the TV series Magnificent Century: Kösem.
  • Esma Yeshim Gul has previously worked in productions such as Meryem Yeshilkam and Judgment. Izzy is Devin’s friend and confidante, a psychologist.

Yourdair Okur

  • Yordair Okur, who will play a role in the family series, was born on October 29, 1974 in Rize. He graduated from Hacettepe University Conservatory Theater Department in 1994. After obtaining a master’s degree at Mimar Sinan University, he worked for a long time in the state theaters of Istanbul and Diyarbakir.
  • Yurdair Okur, who is 174 cm tall, has appeared in premium TV series such as Sakarya Virat, Osman Foundation, Al-Qada, Al-Qadi, and Karadi.

Aile English Subtitles Season 2

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